Deduplicating archiver with compression and encryption BorgBackup (short: Borg) gives you:

  • Space efficient storage of backups.
  • Secure, authenticated encryption.
  • Compression: LZ4, zlib, LZMA, zstd (since borg 1.1.4).
  • Mountable backups with FUSE.
  • Easy installation on multiple platforms: Linux, macOS, BSD, …
  • Free software (BSD license).
  • Backed by a large and active open source community.
pacman -S borg python-llfuse

If you just want to get this done, go to our backup section which includes the borg script.

Below you will find some command examples/information.

borg init --encryption=keyfile-blake2 --make-parent-dirs borg/
borg create --stats --list --progress --verbose --filter AMEhsx --show-version --show-rc --exclude-caches --compression zstd,11 borg/::'{hostname}-{now}' .config/ --comment first_backup

Key in repository, repokey encryption, BLAKE2b (often faster, since Borg 1.1)

The key will be placed in your backup repository.

borg init --encryption=repokey-blake2 /path/to/repo

Local repository (no encryption)

borg init --encryption=none /path/to/repo


The key gets stored in your home dir - ~/.config/borg/keys/.

borg init --encryption=keyfile user@hostname:backup
borg init --encryption=keyfile-blake2 --storage-quota (e.g. 5G, 1.5T) --make-parent-dirs ssh://username@remote.host.address:$port/~/borg
borg list /path
mkdir /path/mount/
borg mount .::Tuesday /path/mount/
borg mount repo/ /path/mount/
borg umount .::Tuesday /path/mount/
borg umount repo/ /path/mount/
borg diff repo/::archive-2022-02-14T23:18:18 archive-2022-02-14T23:26:10

If you want to delete your backup for good, run the command without --dry-run.

borg delete --dry-run --stats repo/
borg delete --dry-run --stats repo/::archive-2022-02-14T23:26:10
borg info repo/
borg info repo/::archive-2022-02-14T23:26:10

If you want to restore, run the command without --dry-run.

borg extract --dry-run repo/::archive-2022-02-14T23:26:10
borg check repo/
borg check repo/::archive-2022-02-14T23:26:10
borg check --verify-data repo/
borg check --verify-data repo/::archive-2022-02-14T23:26:10

More information can also be found on borgs website as well.

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