Only available for Linux systems!

sudo -H apt-get install -y \
virtualenv python3-dev python3-babel python3-venv \
uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python3 \
git build-essential libxslt-dev zlib1g-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev \
sudo -H pacman -S --noconfirm \
python-virtualenv python python-pip python-lxml python-babel \
uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python \
git base-devel libxml2 \

If you would like to use AUR, you can do the following:

pikaur -S searx
sudo systemctl enable --now uwsgi@searx.service

You no longer need to follow the guide below, just go to:

sudo -H dnf install -y \
virtualenv python python-pip python-lxml python-babel \
uwsgi uwsgi-plugin-python3 \
git @development-tools libxml2 \
sudo -H useradd --shell /bin/bash --system \
--home-dir /usr/local/searx \
--comment Privacy-respecting metasearch engine searx

sudo -H mkdir /usr/local/searx
sudo -H chown -R searx:searx /usr/local/searx
sudo -H -u searx -i
git clone https://github.com/asciimoo/searx.git /usr/local/searx/searx-srcx
python3 -m venv /usr/local/searx/searx-pyenv
echo . /usr/local/searx/searx-pyenv/bin/activate >>  /usr/local/searx/.profile
pip install -U pip
pip install -U setuptools
pip install -U wheel
cd /usr/local/searx/searx-src
pip install -e .
sudo -H cp /usr/local/searx/searx-src/searx/settings.yml /etc/searx/settings.yml
sudo -H sed -i -e s/ultrasecretkey/\9873266d1c899b68f21ca049ae5e5d93/g /etc/searx/settings.yml
sudo -H sed -i -e s/{instance_name}/searx@\ryzen/g /etc/searx/settings.yml
2021/11/26 20:49
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