Take a breath! Enjoy your world!

Our first Your own extras is available!
Sorry Mastodon (fediverse), you're part of it.

New Zealanders and other people in this time zone, and of course those who are ahead of our time zone (greetings to Tonga), have reached the halfway mark of 2022. Saturday, 02.07 so the 183rd day in 2022 in the 26th calendar week.
It's time for our first Your own extras, which can be also found in our wiki.

Take a breath! Enjoy your world! will be more of a reminder not just to get rid of Google, Facebook & Co. or to fight the battle against all the companies that violate digital privacy in general. And to find good open source alternatives, get them running smoothly. Explaining others why they shouldn't use this and that. That's actually all part of it, but it's more about to understand that we are dealing with a social issue that is growing fast and we should remind ourselves about that from time to time.

I (Dan) am glad I grew up in a generation where we had to find a phone booth to ask the parents for another 15 minutes. So we could keep playing football or other cool stuff outside with our friends.
There were no strange comments that I sent to or received from any one, which went viral on the World Wide Web. No reminder of whatever (just, it's getting dark, parents want me to come home). No notification that took away my vision to shoot the ball like Roberto Carlos (Crossbar! Post! GOOAAAAAALLLL!!!).
We just had fun, came home, had a shower (probably forced by our parents) and watched more football and dreamed of finally holding the WHOLE box of Panini stickers in our hands.

It's actually simple to Take a breath! Enjoy your world!.
Just delete all your social media accounts and leave your smartphone at home. Most importantly, do the same for your kids. We don't want the children's suicides to continue to increase. We don't want that for everyone of us. It doesn't stop since the damn social media platforms have infected our (sensitive) brains.
We all want to keep the freedom and our habits?! And still want to enjoy the world without being surrounded by thousands of smartphone or government cameras (which are already everywhere in the city. On playgrounds, etc.) when we scratch our neck or unluckily getting the ball between the legs while playing football, which might end up on one of the social media platforms.

Just delete the social media accounts and start enjoying the beauty of your world and finally give your brain a break after sooo many years:

The following links are Mozillas “Internet spring cleaning”:

Mozillas whole list:

No, of course not! You can compare the problem with our climate change. It takes a lot more than just deleting your accounts or not using plastic bags anymore. We all have to do it. And it will probably never happen, but at least it can help you to keep a clear head in your little world.

I have never used Facebook, Twitter, etc. before. It's just not my world, but not everyone is aware about open source alternatives, social cooling, or digital privacy in general. That's why we try to reach out to people (our twitter account) and created a Mastodon account to give them the option to follow us on a more privacy-friendly open source solution. But you don't have to have a Mastodon account to follow us or anyone else. RSS is available for most websites. You can also follow your favorite Mastodon user via RSS. Just add the user (https://fosstodon.org/@techsaviours) to your RSS feed aggregator.

A tutorial on how to add an RSS server FreshRSS will also find a place in our wiki one day.

So, it's weekend, for us Saturday, for others even still Friday. Time for quality time with your friends, family, nature, or just reading a book in front of your “irradiated” eyes. That means put aside your devices and start deleting your social media accounts on Monday and Take a Breath! Enjoy your world! right now.

P.S. Don't forget! The grumpy person in front of you may have the same problem!

Take a Breath! Enjoy your world!

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