Really simple to use privacy manager for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later (successor of XPrivacy).

Revoking Android permissions from apps often let apps crash or malfunction. XPrivacyLua solves this by feeding apps fake data instead of real data.

You may receive a notification after the installation. Enable the module in LSPosed and enable any app you want to give fake data too. Restart your device.

Click on the burger (top left) and mark Notify on new apps and Restrict new apps.

Check https://github.com/M66B/XPrivacyLua#restrictions what every single restriction does. It depends on your application whether you need to disable the restriction if you want to share the real data.

An example with a browser (Iceraven):

Get applications is for example sharing to KDE connect, Messenger etc..

Read clipboard to copy and paste text, to search for something or similar.

You can easily test it by selecting Read clipboard and copy and paste something into the restricted application. The output should be Private.

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