Audible feedback on just how much your browsing feeds into Google.

By bert@hubertnet.nl / https://berthub.eu/

Makes a little bit of noise any time your computer sends a packet to a Google service, which excludes Google Cloud users.

Demo video in this tweet

Source https://github.com/berthubert/googerteller

Thanks bert!

sudo pacman -Sy pcaudiolib gcc ipset bpftrace tcpdump
git clone https://github.com/berthubert/googerteller.git
cd googerteller
cmake .

Google is so large its IPv4 and IPv6 footprint can't be handled by tcpdump, or at least not efficiently. Therefore we need to define an ip(6)tables ipset. This will first exclude Google Cloud, and then include all the other Google IP addresses.

Install iptables ipset, and run (as root) the ipset-setup.sh script, or execute:

sudo ./ipset-setup.sh
sudo tcpdump -i nflog:20 -ln | ./teller

Specific app:

sudo bpftrace netsendmsg.bt |
    grep --line-buffered ^$(pgrep firefox) |
    stdbuf -oL cut -f2 | ./cidr.py | ./teller
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