The wiki is powered by DokuWiki in combination with the Bootstrap3 template.

Like any open source project, it lives from the efforts of its users.

The documentation can always be improved, or you can create more tutorials. But they must be easy to read and generally understandable to a complete newcomer who want more digital privacy but don't know how to achieve it.

The normal procedure fork/pull requests on GitHub or send us an email to wiki@techsaviours.org if you prefer to register on the wiki website itself, as we do not have registration enabled.

You can use the DokuWiki's syntax. We tried to implement Markdown, but unfortunately it doesn't really work. Too many failures with plugins or core.

The wiki is mainly structured in 4 parts (namespaces):

  • Server
    • Operating Systems
    • Services
  • Phone
    • Operating Systems
    • Apps
  • Desktop
    • Operating Systems
    • Services
  • Extras

There is also faq and probably more will follow.

If the tutorials are the same (e.g. desktop and server), create the page and add a link to it

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