pacman -S firefox
  1. Start Firefox
  2. Create a new profile named hardened in about:profiles
    1. set it as default
    2. close firefox
  3. Go to ~/.mozilla/firefox/ and look for xxxxxxxx.hardened
    1. copy the full name
    2. delete the folder.
  4. Download the latest version of arkenfoxs user.js at https://github.com/arkenfox/user.js/releases
    1. extract it
    2. rename it to your copied name xxxxxxxx.hardened
    3. move the extracted folder to ~/.mozilla/firefox/.
  5. Start firefox

You can also create your own user.js file at https://ffprofile.com/.

Override user.js

The following example is based on session recovery being enabled again. If you have pinned tabs or working on something, this can be very helpful. Every time you close your browser and start it again, it is back the way you left it.

If you use searx on your own computer/server, you can also enable keywords for the URL bar to search for something instead of the search bar. This also saves more space.

  1. Close firefox
  2. Create a user-overrides.js file in ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.hardened/ with the following content:
// Enable session restore
user_pref("browser.startup.page", 3);
user_pref("browser.sessionstore.privacy_level", 0);
user_pref("privacy.clearOnShutdown.history", false);
user_pref("privacy.cpd.history", false);

// Enable search in url bar
user_pref("keyword.enabled", true);

Check also Overrides [Common].

Follow the next step.

  1. Close Firefox
  2. Go to ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.hardened/
    1. If you have not done it yet:
      1. chmod +x prefsCleaner.sh updater.sh
  3. Run
    1. ./prefsCleaner.sh
    2. ./updater.sh
  4. Start firefox

LibreWolf is designed to increase protection against tracking and fingerprinting techniques, while also including a few security improvements. This is achieved through our privacy and security oriented settings and patches. LibreWolf also aims to remove all the telemetry, data collection and annoyances, as well as disabling anti-freedom features like DRM.

It's a user friendlyer solutions instead of using user.js.

pikaur -S librewolf-bin

A few examples of how you can achieve more privacy and other helpful extensions.

  • CanvasBlocker (Alters some JS APIs to prevent fingerprinting.)
  • ClearURLs (Remove tracking elements from URLs.)
  • Custom New Tab Page (Specify a custom URL to be shown when opening a new tab, without changing the address bar content) - helpful for using homer, frame or whatever
  • Dark Reader (Dark mode for every website. Take care of your eyes, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.)
  • floccus bookmarks sync (Sync your bookmarks privately across browsers and devices) - using nextcloud or webdav
  • KeePassXC-Browser (KeePassXC integration for modern web browsers)
  • LocalCDN (Protects you against tracking through CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) by redirecting to local resources.)
  • Privacy Redirect (Redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and more to privacy friendly alternatives.)
  • Proxy SwitchyOmega (Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.)
  • uBlock Origin (Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.)
  • NoScript Security Suite (Disables javascript.)
  • Redirect AMP to HTML (Automatically redirects AMP pages to the regular web page variant.)

Protect yourself against tracking, surveillance, and censorship.

pacman -S torbrowser-launcher

You should not install any additional add-ons on Tor Browser because that can compromise some of its privacy features.

More at support.torproject.org

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Goanna-based web browser completely built from its own, independently developed source that has been forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code a number of years ago, and focuses on efficiency and ease of use by carefully selecting features and optimizations to improve the browser's stability and user experience, while offering full customization and a growing collection of extensions and themes to make the browser truly your own.

Pale Moon aims to provide close adherence to official web standards and specifications in its implementation (with minimal compromise), and purposefully excludes a number of features to strike a good balance between general use, performance, and technical advancements on the Web.

With the current generation of mainstream browsers, there are also more obvious and not just “under the hood” differences: Pale Moon will continue to provide grouped navigation buttons of a decent size, a bookmarks toolbar that is enabled by default, tabs next to page content by default (easily switchable) and not in the least a functional status bar and more freedom in customization, to name a few things.

Check https://blackgnu.net/palemoon-hardening.html for a privacy guide.

pikaur -S palemoon-bin
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